Incident Details: 19610414020321001

Incident Date: April 14, 1961
Incident Successful: Yes
Location: Castlegar, British Columbia Canada
Perpetrators: Sons of Freedom (SOF)

Event Type: Bombing/Explosion
Weapon Type(s): Explosives/Bombs/Dynamite (Time Fuse)
Organization Type: Religious,

Suicide Attack: No
Hoax: No
Violent Extremism:
Doubt Terror: No
Target Information
1- Utilities(Electrical transformers/substations/ power lines)

Canadian Target: Yes
Canadian Victim:
Canadian Perpetrator:
By foreigners against foreign target(s) in Canada:

Victims: 0 fatalities, 0 injuries
Perpetrators: 4 involved, 0 fatalities, 0 injuries
Description: "04/14/1961: Two hydro poles owned by the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. (Cominco) were blown over by two separate explosive charges simultaneously detonated by a single timing device; the explosions caused approximately $800 damage. Cominco was controlled by the Canadian Pacific Railway, which was a common Sons of Freedom (SOF) target. Four male SOF members were convicted, receiving sentences of eight to ten years each."
References: 1) "Kellett, A., Beanlands, B., Deacon, J., Jeffrey, H., & Lapalme, C. (1991). Terrorism in Canada 1960-1989, User Report no. 1990-16. Ottawa: Solicitor General Canada, National Security Coordination Centre, Police and Security Branch. p. 200."
2) "Ross, Jeffrey I. (1992). ATIC IV: Chronology of Domestic and International Terrorist Events in Canada, 1960-1990. Montreal, Qc: International Centre for Comparative Criminology. p. 3"
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