Incident Details: 20150000070214001

Incident Date: 2015
Incident Successful: No
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
Perpetrators: Nazi

Event Type: Armed Assault
Weapon Type(s): Unknown
Organization Type:

Suicide Attack: No
Hoax: No
Violent Extremism:
Doubt Terror:
Target Information
1- Private Citizens & Property(Public Areas (e.g., Public garden, parking lot, garage, beach, public buildings, camps))

Canadian Target: Yes
Canadian Victim:
Canadian Perpetrator:
By foreigners against foreign target(s) in Canada:

Victims: 0 fatalities, 0 injuries
Perpetrators: 2 involved, 1 fatalities, 0 injuries
Description: 00/00/2015: Lindsay Souvannarath, 23, and Randall Steven Shepherd, 20, were arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit arson, illegal possession of weapons for a purpose dangerous to the public, and making a threat through social media. They had allegedly planned to unleash a deadly assault on a Halifax shopping centre on Valentine's Day. A third youth who was alleged to have been part of the conspiracy, James Gamble, 19, was found dead in his home. Based on the presence of Nazi materials in Gamble's home, it is presumed that the group was influenced by white supremacist ideals. Nonetheless, Justice Minister Peter MacKay publicly proclaimed that this was not a terrorist crime, noting: "The attack does not appear to have been culturally motivated, therefore not linked to terrorism".
References: 1) Perry, B., & Scrivens, R. (2015). Right wing extremism in Canada: An environmental scan.
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