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DateCity, ProvinceEvent TypeDescription
1/27/1960Glade, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion"01/27/1960: Employees of the West Kootenay Light and Power Co. discovered a power pole a quarter mile West of Glade tha..."
1/27/1960Nelson, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion"01/27/1960: A bomb, probably comprising only one stick of dynamite, a watch timer, and an electric detonator, was plant..."
3/5/1960Castlegar, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion"03/05/1960: Employees of Oglow Brothers Building and Supply Co. found what they believed to be an explosive device in a..."
4/2/1960Castlegar, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion"04/02/1960: A time bomb, comprising six sticks of dynamite with a pocket watch timer and hidden in a rack of coats in W..."
5/1/1960Krestova, British ColumbiaFacility / Infrastructure Attack"05/01/1960: A Doukhobor community hall in Krestova was destroyed by fire. No one was charged in connection with the off..."
5/6/1960Trail, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion"05/06/1960: A bomb damaged shelves and counters at the Eaton department store in Trail, British Columbia. Sons of Freed..."
5/30/1960Brilliant, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion"05/30/1960: A Doukhobor Goloff planer (lumber) mill was destroyed when a time bomb exploded in the afternoon. The explo..."
6/24/1960Glade, British ColumbiaFacility / Infrastructure Attack"06/24/1960: A fire destroyed barns, garages, farm implements, a vehicle, storage sheds, and other property in the east ..."
7/2/1960Grand Forks, British ColumbiaFacility / Infrastructure Attack"07/02/1960: An Orthodox Doukhobor Community Hall in Grand Forks was set on fire, causing $7,000 damage; the arson occur..."
8/25/1960Thrums, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion08/25/1960: A section of Canadian Pacific Railway track near Thrums was bombed by Sons of Freedom (SOF); pieces of the t..."