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DateCity, ProvinceEvent TypeDescription
10/9/1960Montreal, QuebecUnarmed Assault10/09/1960: Six Hungarian immigrants were freed on bail pending trial 10/12/ on charges arising from an anti-Semitic dem..."
11/27/1960Krestova, British ColumbiaFacility / Infrastructure Attack"11/27/1960: A temporary meeting hall used by the Sons of Freedom, and owned by the B.C. Land Settlement Board, was burn..."
12/25/1960Wynndel, British ColumbiaFacility / Infrastructure Attack"12/25/1960: Sons of Freedom torched homes in Wynndel, B.C."..."
0/0/1961Unknown, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion00/00/1961: A Sons of Freedom (SOF) bomb exploded on Canadian Pacific Railway tracks. It blew out two sections of track ..."
1/1/1961Grand Forks, British ColumbiaFacility / Infrastructure Attack"01/01/1961: Three Sons of Freedom (SOF) set fire to a British Columbia Land Settlement Board property occupied by them ..."
2/20/1961Winlaw, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion"02/20/1961: A time bomb blew up road construction equipment at the Winlaw yard of the British Columbia Department of Pu..."
2/20/1961Brilliant, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion"02/20/1961: A dynamite blast shattered several ties and damaged a rail on a spur line of the Canadian Pacific Railway n..."
3/24/1961Midway, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion"03/24/1960: An unexploded bomb that had been placed alongside the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks near Midway was disco..."
4/2/1961Oakville, OntarioTheft"04/02/1961: A Jewish merchant's store in Oakville, Ontario was vandalized and robbed. A $7,000 stock of records was des..."
4/3/1961Grand Forks, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion"04/03/1961: An explosion on the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks just outside the town lifted but did not break a rail. ..."