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4/14/1961Castlegar, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion"04/14/1961: Sons of Freedom (SOF) bombed railway track near Castlegar, British Columbia. It ripped out 30 feet of track..."
4/14/1961Castlegar, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion"04/14/1961: Two hydro poles owned by the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. (Cominco) were blown over by two separate..."
4/14/1961Wynndel, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion"04/14/1961: At 2:45 a.m. a bomb comprising about 35 sticks of dynamite, a timing device, and a detonator cap, exploded ..."
4/14/1961Wynndel, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion"04/14/1961: A bomb comprising 36 sticks of dynamite (30 of them new, six very old), a watch, a battery, a detonator wir..."
4/16/1961Krestova, British ColumbiaFacility / Infrastructure Attack04/16/1961: Eleven vehicles owned by Sons of Freedom were burned in Krestova...."
4/24/1961Eholt, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion"04/24/1961: A bomb exploded on Canadian Pacific Railway tracks, damaging one rail and two ties at a cost of $45. It app..."
5/5/1961Trail, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion"05/05/1961: Two clerks sorting mail at 9:45 p.m. in Trail's post office found an unaddressed paper bag in the mail chut..."
5/5/1961Trail, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion"05/05/1961: A bomb blew up on the second floor of the T. Eaton Co. store in Trail at approximately 2:15 a.m. Employees ..."
5/6/1961Appledale, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion05/06/1961: Canadian Pacific Railway tracks in Appledale was dynamited...."
5/6/1961Shoreacres, British ColumbiaBombing / Explosion"05/06/1961: Two bombs, together comprising two dozen sticks of dynamite, were placed next to two Cominco hydro poles; a..."